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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Ratheesh Kaliyadan
Scoops and investigation goes beyond the boundaries. When a scribe brought forth a minor scam attempt, media managers celebrated it with 'Exclusive Explodes. Here a man leaked thousands of web pages in a war document. The custodian is not an ordinary authority. The leak had happened in the US defence documentation which is marked top secret. Julian Assange's attempt marks a new face and phase in online journalism.
WikiLeaks bombard is observed as " the emergence of open source journalism". According to Sevanti Ninan,"Julian Assange makes it possible for anybody anywhere in the world to submit secret documents for publication". The most interesting and stunning episode of the bombard leakage is the online posting of video which showed airborne Americans in Iraq killing civilians including two Reuters journalists in 2007.
Wikileaks is not a stand apart journalistic intervention. It is a means of active participation. the web journalists  group becomes a movement. Each and every pages of the war documents on the website is a link.It seeks financial,legal and technical support. "help us extend and defend this work".
And now we have a new era in the history of journalism. Thanks to Julian Assange, online journalism flies in the wings of top secret documents. In the midst of alarms on 'national security', the war documents leaked by WikiLeaks pave a newer way in media interventions. It is a wonderful question: If nobody have a secured life, can US nationals only have it? A stateless movement is not responsible to care about US national security is the philosophy behind the bombard leakage.

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