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Sunday, July 18, 2010

kiltanian strike

Kiltan is a small island in Lakshadweep. It is 3km long and 594 meters wide. Summer is severely hot here. But Kiltan becomes very hot in this summer season because of students' agitation.The high school in Kiltan faces a lot of troubles due to lack of attention from the part of Lakshadweep administration. kiltan is a backward island not only in economic perspective, but also in facilities.

Socio-economic status of this island directly affect human resource development also.The high school in this island offers a low level result in SSLC and Higher secondary exams.There are a lot of limitations including lack of teachers. For higher secondary the scene is critical now. The first batch in 2007 scored 0% results. The following years repeated similar result with slight changes.The maximum score they touched is 20% in higher secondary exams.
Who is responsible for this poor performance? It is very easy to say that pupils are not interested in studies. Parents, school authority and administrative bureaucrats repeat the same words always. They have nothing to do here after passing these exams. This is the way they hide their responsibility.But the reality is far away from these boastings.The science and humanities batches have not permanent teachers.Guest faculties are not properly available.the Lakshadweep administration took a positive step to appoint teachers for higher secondary shools.But Kiltanians got nobody except a language teacher hailing from this island. Educational  philosophy underlines need of facilities and potential facilitators for the educational support of the weaker sections.Kiltan is proved that they are very weak in educational matters.But administration is not ready to provide teachers to them!

If the ruling set up stand apart from the peoples essential needs, what they will do? No scope for yet another question. They will march to agitation.It is happened in Kiltan also.Children from the high school in Kiltan is on strike for the last seven days. As part of intensifying their agitation they closed the gate of the school and do not allow anybody including the Head Master and teachers to enter into the campus.Parents are ready to took part to the children's agitation in protest of the administrations policy of ignorance of the agitation.They will conduct a dharna before the subdivisional office in Kiltan. At the same time students are ready to expand their strike to all other primary schools.Urgent intervention of the administration is necessary to find a remedy for this HOT issue. Opportunity for a better education is children's right not a gift by anybody. It is the prime liability of an administration to assure it for all children.

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Madhusoothanan said...

Happy to know that the Kiltans are not just charcoals but they do have fire in them.Wonder who took the initiative of kindling it!