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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Do YOU Marry Me!

Ratheesh Kaliyadan
Do you believe in God? Do you offer prayers? If your answer is YES, what will be your prayer!!! Here is a marvelous experience regarding prayers. 
There was a lovely parrot caged in a silver house. She was suffocated by love, care and consideration from her owners. The lady parrot is famous for her good behavior and well tweets. The only complaint with her is one of her famous tweet. When a new guest arrives she will ask: "do you marry me?!” 
The owners insulted with the tweet several times. They planned to deport the lady parrot. But they couldn't because of her lovely nature. She is so much pet to them. The owners began new discussions over the issue. At last they decided to leave the issue to the guruji. Mr. Guruji is a man of parrot who delivers his forecast using the parrot. 
The oldest member of the family approached the guruji. Narrated the issue. Mr. Guruji assured that he will bring them a solution. 
After a week Mr. Guruji visited the house along with a parrot. The parrot closed its eyes. The very first moment, they entered lady parrot repeated its usual tweet:" do you marry me? ".
Then the parrot of guruji outburst that God heard my prayers...

PS: are you married? What do you now think about marriage?

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