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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Architect of Life

Ratheesh Kaliyadan
Narayanji is a blind beggar. He used to sit at the heart of the city. He was bored by repeating same dialogue several times in a day. He wants to say "I am a blind, poor who can't do work as you do". Hearing it, his clients offered some coins. Instead of repeating the dialogue, he posted a board, hosted it behind him. Hardly had he got enough money. The collection was so limited to meet food requirements. 
One fine morning an artist saw the man and the board. He took the board away without his permission. The beggar could not respond or do anything. 
After sometime Narayanji realised that somebody brought the board to him. Still he kept mum. Just after replacing the board the beggar Narayanji felt shower of coins in his metal pot. Now he can manage his family well with the new board. 
Narayanji became curious to know what magic has done by the stranger. He tried to get the person. After tiresome enquiry he found out the artist.
What magic did you do for me? Narayanji asked. The innocence of the old and poor moved the artist. He replied: there is no magic my dear. I just made an alteration to your board. "The world is beautiful. You can see it; but I can't". The words became the architect of the blind beggar and family. ..
Top of Form
Bottom of Form

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