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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Journalism question paper

Second Year First Terminal Examination  August 2011

Maximum Score : 60  Time : 2 Hours 
Cool of time : 15 Minutes
By Dr. Roy Thomas

I. Answer the following questions in a sentence or two. a) OB Vans b) Track and Trolley c) Medium Wave d) FTP  e) Syntax [score:5]

II. Mr. Rahul is a crime reporter in ‘National Today’ magazine. The management has given clear cut instruction to him that on the elements that are to be included while writing a crime story. As the students of Journalism, what are the elements that are to be observedby Mr. Rahul while writing a news story. [4]

III. Do you think that media is going prominence to development issues in the modern world. What is your opinion? Substantiate your answer with suitable examples. [6]

IV. Answer the following in a word or two. a) Director General of All India Radio b) Chairman of Press Council of India c) Chairman of National Film Development Corporation d) The Chief Editor of ‘The Hindu’ daily. e) The headquarters of ‘Mathrubhumi daily’. [5]

V. The advent of ‘Radio Village’ accelerated the development of Village Community. Do you agree with this view? Also mention the eminent personality who introduced ‘Radio Village’ and the year. [5]

VI. Abbreviate the following. a) DTP b) www c) PTI d) WYSIWYG e) FM  [5]

VII. Is has been reported by various medias that the Kerala state is inflicted with Dungi fever and Chicken Guniea. The Health Ministry is doing nothing to control Dungi fever and Chicken Guniea. Write a letter to the Editor of ‘The New Indian Express’ on the necessity to control the Dungi fever and Chicken Guniea [4]

VIII. Define Interview. What are the guidelines that should be observed for conducting a good Interview? As Journalism students, if you are given a chance to interview actor Salim Kumar, who won the National award for best actor, write down six probable questions that you would ask him? [7]

IX. Mr. Ravi is a freelance journalist working with different print medias. What are the qualities that Mr.Ravi should posses as a freelance journalist. Also define freelance journalist. [5]

X. Draw the organizational structure of a news Bureau. [4]

XI. Who is the minister of Information and Broadcasting Minister of India. [1]

XII. Technically, the news story is written in ‘Inverted Pyramid Style’. Explain Inverted Pyramid with Diagram. [3]

XIII. Explain 5 W’s and 1’ H’ [2]

XIV. What are the different types of features? Explain it briefly. Also define the term ‘feature (4)

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