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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

journalism question paper

AUGUST 2011  Time: 2hr 15 mts HSE II  Score: 60
Compiled by Team Teachers of MARC
1. If you are appointed to report an accident which sources you approach to get Information? Score: 3

2. In a meet the press ‘Chief Minister Oommenchandy said that the government will enact a law for compulsory service for a minimum period of five years for doctors who studies in government colleges.

The Kerala State Council for child welfare decided to adopt ‘Aromal’, the three Year old child who was the victim of harassment. General Secretary of the Council A.Krishnan said in a press conference on Sunday.

The state government will setup a Kerala inland water development authority on The lines of the inland water ways development authority. The proposal is awaiting cabinet approval. Official sources told the reporters in a press briefing. Elaborate the underlined terms. Score: 6

3. You watch the following two situations in a TV channel.
1) You saw a reporter collecting the view of common people about the recent price hike in petroleum products. 2) A television anchor interviewing Aishwarya Ray.
a) Classify the above two types of interviews.
b) Compare them and suggest their similarities and differences. Score: 4

4. Meera goes through today’s radio programme published in daily. She noticed the programme. That is Subhashitham, Vayalum Veedum, and Yuvavani. He hears those programmes. Make a brief note about the programmes she heard. Score: 6

5. Amritha is a newly appointed sub editor is a news paper. The news editor gives her a book to follow copy editing rules can you name the book. Score: 3

6. Madhu is a fifth standard student. He is not interested in reading News but he is eager to read cartoons. State reasons behind this behavior. Score: 3

7. You got a letter from programme executive of All India Radio. It asks a three minute script for Radio drama competition. Prepare the script. Score: 5

8. While hearing a radio drama, you hear the pattering sound of rain and the 'roaring' of thunder. Can you name this process of adding such sounds? Score: 2

9. Adershini is a newly appointed sub editor trainee in your News paper. This is Her first day in the news paper. She is amazed with the bundles of news flow from various sources. Being a senior sub editor she approaches you to get the Principles of editing prevailing in your news room. Help Adershini by providing necessary information Score: 6

10. Cartoon Network, Pogo, Nick etc are some of the channels that attracted Children of all age. Can you distinguish the salient features of these channels? That evokes the attraction? Score: 2

11. Imagine your school is going to celebrate Golden Jubilee next month. You are asked to prepare a poster in Malayalam about the Golden Jubilee Celebrations. The poster should include:
Name of the school, Golden Jubilee Celebration Date, Venue, Chief Guests, Programmes etc. Score: 4

12. Prepare a profile of S. Sadananth using following hints.
[An able editor and innovator – started career in Burma in 1920s –staff of Rangoon Newspaper purchased ‘Indian express’ in 1932 – started ‘Free Press Journal’ And Gayathri daily “Navbharat’ in 1932 – started Tamil daily ‘Ceremony’ – builder of News papers] Score: 5

13. The editor gives you a write up written in chronological order. Then he asks You to re-write it into a hard story. Explain the structure of such stories with the help Of a suitable diagram. Score: 3

14. Ban of Plastic Products’ is an issue that gets wide popularity today. The Literary club of your school is going to conduct a chart exhibition on this topic. As journalism students you are assigned to prepare a Malayalam write-up on the ‘Impact of Plastic on Our Environment’. Prepare a write-up of 100 words to be Presented on the chart by using the following Score: 3

15. Now days, different types of reality shows capture the various TV channels.Your channel also decided to launch a Musical Reality show. Prepare a 2 minute TV script for the trailer of the Show. Also suggest a suitable title For the Reality show. The script should include the following details. Date of commencement of the show. Nature of Peculiarities Score: 5

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