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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Environment Day

Media Analysis & Research Center is a non-profit platform of mediamates and communication experts.
Registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 on March 25, 2008. RegNo.45/2008/BK IV. Part of NGO partnership program of Planning board, Govt. of India. Member, Indian Chamber of Non-Government Organizations (ICNGO), New Delhi.
The research organization focuses on academic activities, documentation and activists supporting initiatives. Our thrust areas are:

 Media matters
 Environment
 Education
 Folklore

Media Analysis & Research Center is trying to construct a Repository  of Local Environmental Initiatives and Historical Sketches to enrich data base of MARC’s research resources. It is a journey to hear and measure the voices of the voiceless and make a place in history.

There were varieties of initiatives and movements in connection with environment movements and related issues. Some of them found success where as others a failure. Unfortunately such movements or initiatives were not recorded systematically. MARC plans to record such unrecorded activities and voices.

This is a golden opportunity to the interested hearts and minds to enquire and expertise in our own environment and it’s past. Recording any movement becomes an unavoidable part in environmental and historical research. It is project to enquire objectively, record systematically and make reports.

 Any interested person can be part of the venture by documenting environmental initiatives, related issues and life sketch of the activists.
 You should collect supporting documents also. Interview, survey, group discussions etc. could be used for data collection. Prepare questionnaire as a tool for data collection.
 Collect both oral and written information. If you insist, we will buy published works for the research.
 Unpublished manuscripts and documents will be accepted as donation. Do contact us; therefore we can help you on the course of such involvement.
 You should mention name, address, telephone number and E-mail ID of all sources whom you approach for the study as reference in your report.
 The method, style and content can be selected yourself.

You as a donor will have a place in our library and research resource center. A donor’s contribution will be placed as her/his property in our research resource center. All future research references regarding your subject will acknowledge your generous gesture.

If MARC’s publication division finds your contribution to be an outstanding one, you stand a chance for special recognition. You may send your contribution by post.

We would be thankful if you could pass on this information to persons or institutions that may be willing to strengthen the right effort to preserve by documenting our environment and it’s past.

Contact us: Koyilandy.P.O,Kozhikode,Kerala,India 673305
E-mail: mediafolkmarc@gmail.com , mediafolk@rediffmail.com Phone: +919946445970

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