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Friday, May 27, 2011

Media Studies in Kitchen


Ratheesh Kaliyadan
Can you believe it? Learn journalism by making varieties of food in your kitchen! This is an interesting question that I faced while I suggested to gather information about traditional food items in Thalassery. Journalism students of Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Thalassery begin their enquiry.

What is the relationship between eating and media studies? If you have a proven think about your aim, there is a link. That link is the strength of our new project to gather information about indigenous know-hows on traditional food items of Thalassery.

What we will do is a simple exercise. Visit grandmas and grandpas. After melting the ice burg, open up minds and share what they ate and eat. Assembling the first hand information, we will prepare pieces of How to do it articles.

The how to do it articles will help us to go further. The next step is preparation of features on special dishes and personalities. Through these exercises, the learners will be introduced the world of feature writing. Theoretical and technical aspects of features and how to do articles are discussed in detail. Also we will prepare certain hard stories regarding food court, exhibition, bakeries etc. inverted pyramid and related theories are familiarized.

The major tool used for the stories is interview. Interview technics, kinds of interviews, role of homework for interviews and other aspects will be covered here.

On the analytical part, we will try to analyses the food tradition on the background of cultural differences. Also the learners get a chance to compare the present food system and the traditional ones. We feel that food cult is a reflection of the cult of the community. Also we hope food can be an indicator of historical research. The politics of food is an interesting thing for analytical journalists. Alas! We are here in the kitchen to learn media studies.

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