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Thursday, September 9, 2010

media camps for girl children

Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) organises media camp for girl children in all panchayats in Kerala. Bolck Resource Centers are in charge of organising the camps in association with the local self governments. It is a novel venture introduced by SSA Kerala last year. selected children from a block got opportunity to participate last year. This year the canvas of  the media camp is enlarged; but restricted to girl children. Why girl children? They are targeted and misused by media. Women and girl children are the major victims of media activism. The mediavists (media activists) know gossips and female physique get more market than any other matters. The media become a hot spot if it provides news targeting women folk.
Ratheesh Kaliyadan on print media
The camp emphasises to create an awareness on media interventions in society. What media tell is believed to be real,authentic and true. Really the seen is worsely affected my various ethical issues and bad practices. More over the editorial policy and slanted versions of news items pose questions on the the so called objectivity of news production.At this juncture an eye on the media matters and stories is a must before swallows what media put forth. The kids' media camp point out the reality inside the media organisation in selection,correction and rewriting of the stories.
Peralassery panchayath of Kannur district organised the camp for forty children from various schools in the panchayath. Ratheesh Kaliyadan, Director,Media Analysis and Research Center lead a class on techniques of print media reporting. The interactive mode of the class conclude by deciding to gather news from their own surroundings and produce a hand written newspaper.

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