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Saturday, May 4, 2013


Ratheesh Kaliyadan
The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration took a brave decision by cancelling Johnson and Johnson's (J&J) license for manufacturing cosmetics. The decision is followed by following complaints of carcinogenic substances residue in its talcum powder for infants.
K.B. Shende, Joint Commissioner (Drug), Maharashtra FDA revealed that the J&J company used ethylene oxide in its skin powder for infants. The sterilisation process using the chemical is completely wrong, for it remains as a residue. With usage, the talcum powder could turn carcinogenic and cause irreparable damage'.
Unknowingly, our mothers become happy only if the infants and children are covered with the J&J talcum powders. Though there are small wounds, they use the powder as a protective cover! The result is direct entry of the carcinogens into the blood.
“We have not suspended the licence, we have cancelled it. The company cannot manufacture the Johnson baby powder at this stage,'' confirmed K.B. Shende, Joint Commissioner (Drug), Maharashtra FDA.
What is the saddest point of this decision? The complaint relates to 15 batches of talcum powder, comprising 160,000 containers, manufactured in 2007, by the company at its facility in Mulund, a Mumbai suburb. The J&J baby powder has a three-year shelf-life. A J&J official said to the Businessline: “ the FDA raised concerns about ethylene oxide treatment, which is not part of the manufacturing process as submitted to the FDA. The shelf-life of the concerned batch ended July 2010”. The J&J official’s words clearly mention that the decision is over a sold out product which will not help those who used the product. Still it will help to open our parents’ eyes and ears on using cosmetics.

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