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Friday, March 29, 2013


To hell with media ethics!! Sharing the sad,bad experience of actress Deepti Naval.
Deepti Naval
I've been pretty upset the last few days over something that the print media has been distorting hugely . . . each one of you on Facebook has been totally silent about it - no comment whatsoever - and I appreciate that - and since I know you people care, I'd like to, to explain what has really happened -

Just before the release of 'Listen Amaya' me and Farooque Shaikh were doing an interview for Rajiv Masand in my Versova terrace flat. I had been keeping unwell those days and had requested Rajiv's camera team to come over to my house instead of me having to go to his studio. Rajiv came over with his three camera setup and we were in the middle of this interview, when three members from the Society barged into the flat and demanded that we stop 'this activity' - they thought we were making a movie - I explained to them that they can sit here and watch - we are not making a movie, we are doing an interview - but they threatened to call the police on me. Rajiv, Farooq, my director Avinash Singh and his wife Geeta were all very embarrassed hearing this sort of conversation. We tried to wind up fast. Then one neighbor Mr Rajan Khurana was sent up to convey to me that the Society has threatened to call the police if we don't stop 'this activity' right away. I explained again, but to no avail. After that I got a call from the Secretary of the Society who was very irked and repeated that 'We'll have to call the police on you'. We cancelled all other interviews after that.
I was hugely embarrassed; I apologized to my colleagues and they quietly left.

I felt so humiliated and felt my rights as a resident were violated. I decided to pack my stuff from the Oceanic residence and come and stay at my Madh Island house.

I am an artist and have always given interviews in my own home - artists do that all the time - there is nothing illegal about it - it is their right.

Never mind, now this is what follows the incident.

A week / eight days ago a journalist friend asked me what I was doing sitting in Madh - and I gave vent to my frustration. I told him over the phone that -

'The Society treated me so badly and kept threatening me with "WE'LL CALL THE POLICE, WE'LL CALL THE POLICE", as if I'm running a RACKET here!'

Next day it was out in print - in Mumbai Mirror - the sensational headline -
'I'M NOT RUNNING A PROSTITUTION RACKET" - and the story about the society fiasco, stating how badly me and Farooq Shaikh were insulted by the members of my building.Except for the scandalous headline, nothing wrong with the contents of the article. It was in my favour - But this is what follows . . .

Other papers have picked up the SENSATIONAL HEADLINE and implied that the Society has ACCUSED me of running a prostitution racket. I've been appalled! I will post those articles so you all can see how the press distorts everything to make eye-catching news! One of the tabloids has said -


A dear friend, shell shocked at reading the contents in a Calcutta tabloid, called me frantically - 'What is all this? Who has been accusing you of running a racket?'
I explained to her that no one is ACCUSING me of running anything like that - it is the PRESS that is IMPLYING . . .

Of course I've been back at Oceanic in the last days and have conducted my meeting there as well - I'm a little confused - should I take action against the print media or should I let it go. If I let this go, then there are people who've said -
Friends from the industry feel, 'Let the dogs bark . . . you move on!'

I was sitting there at my terrace flat yesterday evening - after Farooque and I had spent a whole day going to various radio stations giving fresh round of interviews before the re-release of the old Chashmebaddoore on April 5th - and I was looking around at my beautiful spacious home where I sit and dream, do all my writing work, invite friends, spend quality time with myself - and I was in tears . . . this sanctuary of mine to be called a 'PROSTITUTION DEN' -
In my heart, I apologized to my father who is no more in this world, and quietly prayed -
'I'm sorry, Piti, see what all this has catapulted into? Please help me learn to ignore it and move on - but I will not disappoint you - I will fight for my right!'

Thank you for bearing with me - I can't go around explaining to the whole world, but I can, to a few of you who I know, care . . .