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Friday, February 22, 2013


Those who entered GGSIP University, Dwaraka, Delhi observed a silent protest movement by law students. They are making protest against their dean and the administrative sections.Being interested in the gathering of students, I approached them.

What happens here?
I saw a chart paper bearing some words behind a group of students sitting on the floor. It is written "HUNGER STRIKE." Hunger strike!
What provoked these students to observe a hunger strike in this fine morning?
The reply ends in a sentence. Our 'strikemate' is suspended.

Suspended! Why? The reason is also simple. A group of students lead a calm dharna inside the campus against the dean. Ashish Bharadwaj,IIIrd year Law student and the leader of the protest is suspended. The university authority released a circular. Not informed him or others.

What are the charges of the protesters? the law department in the university is one of the noted departments. But the department is not fulfilling all requirements. Bar Council directives are also not satisfied. They express that they have not even a Moot Court Hall. basic facilities like drinking water is unavailable. more over they firmly believe that the law institution reacts illegally  by amending university act to appoint the present dean as the dean. They say she does not occupy the minimum requirement of 60% marks in the qualifying exams.

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