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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

practicals in journalism


Journalism practical exam question leaked out! If somebody make this  caption for his/her story, naturally the story will arrest the reader's attention. This is a technique usually reporters and ad makers use to catch attention. Here is the real questions or suggestions.As per Directorate of Higher Secondary Education Examination wing's orders, the following are the latest components for practical evaluation in Journalism.
Total scores:40. Practical Evaluation is conducted on the end of the course in the second year only. Each batch of a group consists 15 students.External evaluater will lead the examination process. It is the duty of the chief superintendent's and internal examiner's duty to assure facilities to conduct the exam smoothly.The evaluater will assess:
Prduction: Print/ Radio/ Television/ Newmedia/ Photo feature ( Evaluation of the final products) 30mts, 10scores.
Scrap book: Final product evaluation 30mts, 5scores
Ad making: Evaluator suggests a specific topic to produce an ad. 30mts,5scores.Eg: soap, pen, motorcycle, fan, car, jewels, ornaments, book, pencil,paste, households, napkin, computer etc.
Editing/ Dummy making: Evaluate editing skills,grammar,structure,punctuation etc /Layouts-preparation of dummy 30mts, 5scores
Translation: from English to Malayalam.30mts,5scores
Photography: still/video.30mts,5scores
Compering/news reading: evaluate the quality of the script, presentation style,skills etc. The presentation should be recorded.30mts,5scores

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