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Monday, November 21, 2011

Media Gimmics

Media looses objectivity
Ratheesh Kaliyadan

Did you listen today's ( Nov 21, 2011) Malayala Manorama and Mathrubhoomi? The impartial and independent research oriented journalists of these two news papers investigated in the same field and brought out contradicting findings. The ordinary people who are addicted to the newspaper argue in street for their 'own' newspaper's view.The subject of inquiry is CPI(M)'s area conference in Nileswar, Kasaragod district.

Malayalamanoram here brought a first page news with blue title in a blue box. It says the Pinarayi fraction caught Nileswar area committee. strong supporter of Pinarayi became the secretary in a cleverly  attempt of Pinarayi fraction. The reporter elaborates their reasons with 'credible and authentic' sources. They are supplementing the story with future impact of the  election.

Mathrubhoomi's reporter ascertained that the Nileswar area committee sustained by the VS fraction.The committee members elected, extracts of discussions and support of various local committees used to support their view.

The contradictory versions of the  two gigantic news papers itself make a threat to believably of these news papers.Fraction is a reality in CPI(M) is a reality. This does not means all conferences and election procedures are part of it. Such a generalisation of the issue of fraction does not help any news media for a large extent.Objectivity, the paramount value of reporting is a line drawn in the water tub. Though you can't be objective, don't try to mislead and cheat your readers. At-least keep a minimum level of professional ethics in making stories is our liability.

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