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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BSNL trap to tap money!


Ratheesh Kaliyadan

One day a call happened to come to my landline. A lady introduced her as an employee in BSNL. She praised us a lot for using BSNL Broadband 500 combo plan for internet connectivity. Actually we activated internet connectivity by prepaying one year’s rent in advance.

Then she made a remarkable statement that you are using internet in a much minimized time. Your usage is too limited. It’s true. We use internet only for academic and journalistic purposes. Even social communities are tools for socialization of our perspective is the philosophy we bear in mind while using the facility.

To meet the limited usage you have an opportunity to activate ‘hungama’, suggested she. The lady who holds phone in my home didn’t understand what the so called hungama is. The BSNL guy explained that this is a song downloading package. As she knows we are not interested in such internet zigzack, she replied that we are not interested to activate any packages that impose extra financial burden. It will not impose you any extra charges told the BSNL lady. She asked our e-mail ID.

BSNL send us a user name and password to download the hungama programs. As I mentioned we are not interested in it. So didn’t use the facility. After one year we got a post. It was an extra bill for activating the hungama. The next month repeated the same. I called BNL toll free number and informed our protest. After several days we are insulted with service calls to pay the amount. A threat also alarmed along with the call. Your connectivity will be disconnected. It became a reality. Now my telephone out going and internet connectivity is disconnected. Vow! Really a shocking insult.

Why do you prefer BSNL? If somebody asks me the question I have a quick answer. It’s nothing but to support a public enterprise like BSNL is our duty for the sake of our nationality. This is the only cause to depend the service provider. I don’t believe that using limited downloads by paying a fixed amount in advance is a bad habit. I don’t understand how BSNL feel that my connectivity is a loss to them.

If it’s done by a private venture I have no complaint. Because to make maximum profit is the only aim of most private providers. But to BSNL there are wide objectives of the nation build causes. That’s the only reason to decide to support them through annual subscription of internet.

After a long and complex follow ups, the BSNL authority sympathized with the issue and reinstated my internet connectivity. Now it’s okay. Everything is a closed chapter. But the bitter experience is total bitter. Be alert! Sometimes you also get such a call. Then don’t reveal your E-mail ID!!!!!

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