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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

principles of mass communication

Principles of Mass Communication
Is it possible to born a journalist in a class room? This was an age old question where practicing journalists made staunch protest against journalism schooling. Now it is a reality. Most journalists who work for various media were nourished from media schooling and from class rooms. Majority of them are graduates or post graduates in journalism from universities and colleges. In a changed environment nobody asks such a ‘foolish’ question today.

But we have a lot of reservations regarding the teaching learning process and imparting class room learning experiences. Practical oriented and leading courses get more attraction. To support learners who entered eagerly in this class rooms need sound materials. Lack of quality materials on theoretical aspects of journalism is one of the major barriers in journalism classes.
‘Principles of Mass Communication’ by Ratheesh Kaliyadan is an authentic book on mass communication. The fourth and revised edition of the book expresses unique values. Most of the mass communication areas like Print, Radio, Television, Online journalism and allied areas like photography, Advertisement and Public Relations get a space in this book. As the cover proclaims it is a pointer to the theoretical mediatrics.
We have a lot of books. They cover mainly one of the elements of the media studies. Principles of Mass Communication become an exception. It covers almost all aspects of media studies without loosing the spirit. Moreover, the book introduces novel idea in types of communication and in online journalism.
First time in the history of communication discourses, a new type of communication is interpreted. It is available in this book. The type is interpersonal machno communication. It is a contribution of ‘Principles of Mass Communication’ to the communication studies.
While defining the Octave shaped news structure of online journalism, this book point out a new version. The shape is formed by joining eight inverted pyramids. It represents eight kinds of tools which symbolize the real Multimedia approach in presentation.
Due to various reasons, Principles of Mass Communication is an unavoidable companion to media mates: academicians, students, practitioners and trainees.
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