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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bloody media bafoon


Ratheesh Kaliyadan

Bloody media interventions in Kerala challenge the progressive outlook of our society.We have a long years' history in maintaining hard rituals and fanatic values.Higherrachical system of casteism played a crucial role in social set up once. After renaissance leaders became prominent figures, their words and thoughts got acceptance we falled into a new turn. Once again it is thratened by an unwanted media nuissance.

Here is a former leader,K.Muralidharan, of Indian National Congress try to get a boarding to the party.He is not an ordinary personality in congress party.He came with a golden spoon of party polity by birth as the son of K.Karunakaran,veteran congress leader and former Chief minister of Kerala. The son became a prominent figure in Kerala politics within a short period of his entry. Thanks to his family background,party workers gave way for his unnatural growth. He became Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee President, Minister, Member of Parliament etc.Unfortunately he was expelled from the party due to fractions of groupism.

After a short period's wild experiences, he is trying to get a space in the party. Meanwhile we hear a news from his house. A wonderful news.He is reconstructing a road to his home.Thanks to the astronomer who suggested such a reconstruction,he believes that the so called Samayadosham will be eradicated by the reconstruction.Oh god give me one more chance in congress.I am ready to reconstruct any road!! This is a television news telecasted by Indiavision, one of the important news channels in Kerala.This is not an ordinary news but a headline.Also it appears like an exclusive story.

The wonder is nothing but how do these media be so rigid to telecaste such an useless news. Who cares whether a celebrity reconstruct a road or not.What is the common men's interest in such a news? Its a big news to the media scribe. The news value behind the story becomes human interest.Celebrity's personal matters are swallowed by the scribemuffs. Its our fate to accept them eventhough they are not digestible.the same moment,we had yet another news in the same media. It is a statement against unavailability of ration to common men by Pinarayi Vijayan,Secratary,Communist Party of India(Marxist) in brief. The statement lasted for seconds without a caption or voice over.This is a best example for turning our media into more and more religious and sensational.Yellowism is creeping into drawing rooms!
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