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Sunday, February 28, 2010

shame INDIA shame

Ratheesh Kaliyadan

Most celebrated Indian artist M.F.Hussain 'exiled' from India due to Hindutva fatwa. But he is warmly recieved by the Qatar empire by offering Qatar nationality. It is a rare opportunity available of special digniitaries . Mr.Hussain is happy with the new nationality though his mind is deeply wounded by the Indian dealings.
In a letter to N.Ram of The Hindu, Hussain wrote:" I, the Indian origin painter M.F.Hussain at 95 have been honoured by Qatar nationality." This so called 'honour' is a shame to India.

Though M.F.Hussain is an Indian national he has been living in Dubai and spent summers in London since 2006. Why does this world renowned celebrity painter live in an exile? The answer is very simple: He can't live in India due to Hindutva attrocities.

It was in 1970s Mr.Hussain portrayed a new version and dimension to Hindu deities. The works of this modern painter were applauded by art lovers and critics well. His time faced in troubles in 1996 after a Hindi magazine published a fanatic article about the paintings.
The article became a fire play. A violent Hindutva forces choreographed the real 'thantava' in streets.Political sympathisers and leaders poured oil in the swallowing fire by intensifying debates and public alarms on 'hurt the feelings of Hindus through the paintings'. Majority of them did not see the painting. The result was 900 more cases against the artist.He has been totrtured and harassed by Hindu fanatics. Vandalised works and exhibitants. Looted life and 'literature'. Violent mobs created atmosphere of terror.
Life in India offered him restless days. Not only Hindutva sympathising political party Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) led government, but secular party Congress led govt. also proved that we are one and same in this case. They were a big failure in protecting the gifted artist's "freedom of creativity and peace of mind".The only relaxing news came from the Supreme Court and from Left parties; a very minimum level of intrevention. It could not heal his wounds.
India believes in shanti.Our tradition vests in trust and warm reception to contradicting ideas and ideologies. We stood for lokasamasta sukhino bhavantu.Unfortunately the new avatars of the age old tradition is on the way of emptying the Indian values.This is exactly a shame;the modern face of India shame!

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