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Saturday, January 2, 2010

teacher tips: teacher V/S technology / ratheesh kaliyadan


Fifteen years back, Govt. of Kerala introduced IT education in secondary schools. Our secondary school children belong to VIIIth; IXth and Xth standards became part of IT education. All secondary schools equipped with computer labs and machines. Both rural and urban children got first hand experience in operating computer. Different opines swathed around the decision. Our society expected that at least the teacher community might applaud the decision. Unfortunately, they were on the forefront of the opposition team.

What was the rationale of holding hands to oppose computer education? Most teachers believed: ‘computer education will transplant teachers’. They will be enforced to quit the job. Then naturally, teachers lose their livelihood. This unnecessary fear over future leads them for a blind opposition. Actually creative and enthusiastic teachers were confident to utilize the facility and face the challenge. At the same time, those teachers who cheat learners by gimmicks and age-old notes had real fear.

After several years, now we, the teacher community realize that no machine can transplant human beings. Because homosapians are the only self-reflecting system. Technology will not be a substitute to teachers but it will be a complement and fruitful companion.

Past experience
It’s true in a pure traditional classroom; where teachers hold the monopoly of knowledge. In such an environment they were the most powerful fellows. Teachers act as dictators before ‘pretty, innocent, nothing for good’ students. Children considered as beggars with an empty pot. The knowledge rich gurus pour knowledge creams and cakes to the empty pots. Those who had such a strong intention swallowed what teachers gave and vomited it in several designs in exams. Rote memory played a key role in assessments. Paulo Frare calls the education system as “Banking system of Education”. This system prevailed in Kerala and continues rest part of the nation.

The scene changes
Scene changed; at least in Kerala. Banking system of education is part of history now. Since the introduction of ‘new curriculum’, our schools concentrate on activity based, paediacentric education. Learners became the center stage of new approach. Students with real life experience and knowledge share their views and criticisms on selected topics. Teachers with more experience join with them. Provide opportunity to make experience and experiments. After discussions, the whole group marches to a consensus. A kind of synthesis is happening in our classrooms. The hegemony of knowledge is an out fashioned concept here. Real democratic way of learning! Beyond one time assessment, each intervention is assessed through Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation strategy. The score is added to the Term end Evaluation profile. Over all performance rather than rote memory get concern in evaluation.

Be a technomate
Can you be a creative teacher by providing novel experience in classroom? Are you ready to share your views and thoughts in a different format? If you are ready, it means YOU are the real person who took the challenge positively to guide a generation in way that is more humane. To add more in humanizing the classroom environment, help of technology contribute a lot. Simply, how can we start with technological means? Some of the ways are:
 Generate digital Learning Objects
 Use Slide shows
 Open up discussion groups
 Create Blogs
 Use news groups
 Hyper text links
 Browse online teaching learning materials
 Video conference
 Virtual discourses.
New generation team of learners with wide exposure in technological know how are not ready to tolerate a monotonous classroom with a bore man’s lecture. To be a different teacher tries your best to utilize the facilities around you.
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