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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ratheesh Kaliyadan
I am a secular person. I don't believe in any religions. But not ready to ridicule any one's beliefs. Now in an utter confusion.Do the believers are entitled to insult other believers or not in such a position? At my best knowledge nobody have such a right. Your degree of freedom goes to the nose of others,but you can't touch it without violating the others freedom told a resource person in the class.Unfortunately the same evening I was motivated to visit the reputed institution's library.I and my friend after a short break with an easy mood in saffron dhoti visited the library to search certain books on research.
After completing the official procedures we just entered the library room and approached a stack shelf.Within second one guy came and said"this dress is not allowed in library"
"Oh! Iam sorry.I was not aware of this kinsd of dress code."
"No problem. you continue your search. But later on you leavethis dress and wear a white dhoti or pants.If father sees it will make problem to us."
"Ok.I will not use this in tomorrow's visit."
While continued my search another person came with a furried face and told"this is not allowed here.You don't come with this dress."
The way of approach,kineshtetic expression and tonal variation pushed me to respond mildly:"So what? am I leave now?"
"Yes.You must'.
We left the place.It was a simple experience in Rajagiri College of Social science,Ernakulam,Kerala.This institution is considered to be one of the number one socialwork and management studies institute in Kerala,run by CMI fathers.We are here to attend a certificate course in advanced research methodology.
After return back to our room,rethought about the experience.Why diid I expell from the world of knowledge by a satan?The answer is very simple.You had worn a saffron dhoti.The office staff of the library coined my dhoti to the Hinduism!!!A hindu in His/her traditional wearings is not allwed inside a Christian institution.Where do we live? Is it part of a democratic,secular republic nation? Is this institution run in a more politically leftised Kerala?
Cultural analysts observed that Kerala will be the most explosive communal community rather than any north Indian states. Yes.This experience underlines it.Why do you leave saffron as a symbol of Hindutva? Why can't you deconstruct the traditional Indian symbols and colors in a democratic and secular cause? Not only the hindu symbols but all religius symbols should be reconstructed and redifined for establishing a secular environment.